Why 6FingerDesigns?

My name is Justin McDonald, I was born with a congenital birth defect in which my right foot was not able to turn around on its own and was backward at birth.  In addition, it left me with only one finger on my right hand.  Having my foot amputated at the age of 2, I've been "Hell on prosthetic," always finding ways to do the things that most assume I cannot do.  I continue to amuse myself (and hopefully others) doing something that they cannot do.  I did have a prosthetic hand for a little while but it severely limited me in what I was already able to do without it.  

Here at 6FingerDesigns, I make everything by hand.  Sometimes I use manufactured items IN my art, but will never try to sell you an item that you can buy in a store, (or) anywhere else.  I have a new obsession with what I have dubbed "Woodite," it is similar to Fordite but it is from a cabinet finishing shop, not a Detroit auto plant. The way it is formed, and its incredibly unique patterns are the same. Many, but not all of my pieces, will have accompanying "process" pictures allowing you to see the heart that goes into each and every piece.